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Writing The Journey™


Here is a quick tour of our site so you can decide where you want to go.

Journal Writing Workshop

Our journal writing workshop has three parts.  You can pick and choose any of the pages within the workshop to fit your interests and needs.

  1. Journal Writing Exercises
    We have a growing list of journal writing exercises, with new ones added over time.

  2. Journal Writing Concepts
    Find out the basics of keeping a journal, and about issues like privacy and storing your old journals.

  3. Journal Writing Features
    These are in-depth looks at issues related to keeping a journal, such as online journals, and writing about anger.

You can complete our exercises while you are online, or you can print them for use away from your computer.  We have created printer-friendly copies for you to print.

Journal Writing Resources

Being on a spiritual journey is about looking at your world with new eyes.   The items listed here offer you many new ways to look at your life and the world.   Each month, we also highlight a book that will inform and encourage you along your path.  Check out our bookstore for more ideas.

Journey: The newsletter of the Writing The Journey community

Once a month, we publish a free newsletter to anyone who has requested a subscription.  You can check out our newsletter archives, or signup to get the next issue delivered by email.

Enter To Win Something

Thanks to our sponsors, we now are offering some great prizes!  Enter to win in our monthly drawing.  The offer changes each month, so keep checking back.

Find Out More About The Site

Check out a site map to get a bird's eye view of what we have to offer.  Read a welcome letter from Charlene.  Find out what people are saying about us.  If you still have questions, check out our FAQ for the answers to frequently asked questions.

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